Reclusive singer Kate Bush will end her 12 year broadcasting silence this Friday (4NOV05) when she gives an exclusive BBC radio interview.

The WUTHERING HEIGHTS hitmaker took an extended break from the music industry in 1993 after completing her album The Red Shoes, but is now staging a remarkable comeback with a new record scheduled for release next week (begs7NOV05).

And in a rare display of media warmth she has granted BBC Radio 4's Front Row programme a glimpse into her notoriously private life.

Bush admits, "I am a private person, but I don't think I'm obsessively so. It's more that I choose to try and have a normal a life as possible. I don't like to live in a glare of publicity.

"My creative process was very time consuming and comes from a very quiet place... people seem to find that weird and strange, but its common sense really."

During the show however, the singer talks openly about completing her latest album AERIAL, as well as detailing her years away from the music scene, and thoughts on motherhood.