Kate Bosworth felt ''confused'' during her twenties.

The 30-year-old actress has confessed she found the decade tougher than her teens because she was unsure about what direction to go in.

She said: ''There's not one female I've spoken to who has told me their twenties were easy. Everyone talks of how difficult your teens can be, but the rough and tumble of your twenties is a bit of a secret.

''In one sense it's a whole lot of fun - I had a crazy time - but I felt confused and like I was going through growing pains a lot, and like I was trying to find my legs. I wasn't prepared for that.''

Kate lamented trying to make her ''rollercoaster'' past relationships with the likes of Orlando Bloom and Alexander Skarsgard work, revealing things have always been effortless with her now-fiancé Michael Polish.

She explained: ''I've since learned things really shouldn't be that hard. I guess when I was younger there was something interesting in the discovery of something foreign. But that's just the wrapping.''

The 'Win a Date with Tad Hamilton' star admitted the stress of her twenties took its toll on her body, but refuted media rumours she was suffering from an eating disorder.

She told InStyle magazine: ''When I'm under a lot of emotional stress I can lose weight quickly. I was going through a rough time and trying to ignore it.

''I lost too much weight because I was heartsick. I was going through my first difficult break-up.''