Kate Bosworth thinks she was ''put on earth'' to be a stepmother.

The 'Still Alice' actress has admitted that she wishes she had a strong female mentor when she was growing up and loves fulfilling that role for 16-year-old Jasper, her husband Michael Polish's daughter from a previous relationship.

She said: ''I wish I'd had a mentor figure growing up as a young woman.

''When I met Jasper, I felt like that was something I was put on this earth to do - to use my experience and my hardships and the wisdom that I have gained to be able to give her as much guidance as I can, without judgement.''

The 32-year-old beauty - who married the filmmaker in August 2013 - thinks her life has changed massively since she turned 30 and though she feels more settled, she insists things are more ''exciting'' now.

She told Marie Claire magazine: ''It really was the age where everything just sort of calmed down. I feel more comfortable - it doesn't feel as wild.

''In my teens and 20s, it all felt so new and I was so busy just trying to be a decent actress. Now it feels a much more exciting time.''