Kate Bosworth's Topshop collaboration reflects the ''California girl''.

The actress has teamed up with the high street fashion chain on their upcoming Festival Collection and previewed an all-white laser-cut suede vest and micro-shorts outfit at the Coachella festival over the weekend as she felt it was the ''perfect'' look.

She said: ''The design team and I thought a lot about the festival season, and, particularly with this collection, a lot of it was about the California girl. Obviously the perfect place to wear it was Coachella.''

Kate - who claims to have ''lost count'' of the number of times she has attended the annual event - also passed on her biggest festival tip; comfortable shoes.

The blonde beauty admits she once ''ruined'' her festival experience by squeezing herself into painful footwear.

She added to Style.com: ''It's all about the footwear! One year I had to wrap my feet in tape because I'd worn the wrong shoes on the Friday [of the festival]. It kind of ruined the experience. Now I'm all about comfort.''

Topshop have described their Festival Collection as: ''A 360 degree campaign that involves music, clothes, film, journeys and the attitude and energy of British festivals.''

Full details of the project - including Kate's specific involvement - won't be available until later in the year.