Kate Bosworth finds married life ''magical''.

The 30-year-old actress tied the knot with her film director beau Michael Polish in August, but she admits she hasn't really notice a change in their relationship since the nuptials because they've been calling themselves husband and wife since they met in 2011.

Speaking at the Lucky Magazine East Coast FAAB press conference in New York yesterday (24.10.13), she said: ''It's magical. He's been calling me his wife since the day we met, so that wasn't much of a transition. 'Boyfriend' never fit for him. I always felt very strange saying ''boyfriend,'' so I feel very at home saying ''husband'' now.''

The 'Big Sur' star and the 42-year-old film director - who got engaged in 2012 - opted for an intimate ceremony in front of 50 to 75 of their closest pals at The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana three months ago, but Kate claimed the event wasn't at all stressful.

She said previously: ''It was a blast! Rather than stress we looked at each other before entering the four days, because it was a four-day long wedding. We made a pact that we would enjoy every moment and make sure that we were in the moment.''