Kate Bosworth isn't one to detail her personal life to the public, but the nonchalance of how she announced her engagement to her director boyfriend Michael Polish came as a complete shock.
The 'Superman Returns' actress was writing a blog for Vogue.com's special Summer Travel Diaries feature and was describing her trip to South Korea in May when she stated in a single line with no elaboration: 'On our first day in Seoul, my fiance, Michael Polish, and I venture out to discover Changdeokgung Palace.' At first glance, the subtle 'announcement' is not entirely clear; it took a few reads before the word 'fiance' stood out at all! The sly star has been dating 'fiance' Michael for about a year, getting together with him soon after her split with 'True Blood' actor Alexander Skarsgard. Bosworth, 29, was filming for the role as Billie in the upcoming drama movie 'Big Sur' which Polish (as in one half of directing duo The Polish Brothers), 41, was directing last summer.
Bosworth has also been romantically linked to 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star Orlando Bloom who she dated for three years before splitting up with him in 2005. It is not clear how long exactly she and Polish have been affianced because she has been wearing a gold ring on the correct finger for a while now.