Actress Kate Bosworth suffered a quarter-century crisis when she turned 25 recently - after succumbing to an unexpected "moment of weirdness" over her birthday. The Superman Returns beauty - who celebrated her milestone anniversary on 2 January (08) - is adamant more help should be available to those on the brink of turning 25, because it's actually a very daunting and distressing experience. She says, "I turned 25 a couple of months ago and it was the first birthday where I felt a bit weird about everything. You know, no one really speaks about the quarter-century in terms of a crisis. "But for me it was a moment of weirdness. I was 14 when I did The Horse Whisperer and in one sense it feels like a long time ago, but not really. "Life goes so quickly. The older you get the more quickly it goes. It just moves faster and faster."