Kate Bosworth is a secret party animal who can outdrink her new movie co-stars, according to 21 castmate JOSH GAD. The pair celebrated St Patrick's Day 2007 on the Boston, Massachusetts set with other cast and crew members - and Gad was stunned to discover the pretty actress is a wild woman with a strong constitution. He says, "Kate can drink anyone under the table. Get a couple in her, and she's definitely a very fun and crazy girl. "We went out on St. Patrick's Day. Not only did she pick the place, but she picked the rowdiest place. And it's like, 'OK, she's one of us! Let's get s**t-faced!' But Kate is always one step ahead of you. She had a blast, and everybody was just enamoured of the fact that there's a superstar singing and dancing and going nuts. But she was also the first one to be like, 'OK, I'm out of here.'"