Actress Kate Bosworth isn't a big fan of desert-based Las Vegas - because of the city's lack of greenery. The Superman Returns beauty shot her latest movie, casino thriller 21, in the gambling and party mecca for six weeks, but soon became bored of its brash appeal - blaming the treeless city for turning her "crazy". She tells Britain's Total Film magazine, "Everyone I know describes Vegas as the adult Disneyland, which I can kind of understand, although I think it's a bit more debauched than that! "To be really honest, Vegas isn't really my cup of tea. I actually enjoyed some of the shows, but being there for six weeks - it's a long time. We all felt like we'd been living in a big parking lot and we were all really happy to get out of there. She adds, "You know - you miss trees! It makes you go a little crazy after a while."