American actress Kate Bosworth has begun looking for a place to live in London, fuelling rumours she is engaged to boyfriend Orlando Bloom.

The Beyond The Sea beauty, who is working on her first UK film, AWAKE, alongside Helen Mirren and Jared Leto, is looking for a permanent base in the British capital, even though she is terrified of the country's press.

The 21-year-old says, "I want to find somewhere to live in London, as it's a great city, although the paparazzi scare the life out of me.

"All my stuff is in Los Angeles and I'll be here (in London) for a while anyway, working on my first British film."

However, fans hoping to see Bosworth team up with her lover onscreen will have to wait.

She adds, "I'm a firm believer in not mixing work and pleasure."

28/11/2004 09:36