Naive Kate Bosworth earned her film break in Robert Redford's THE HORSE WHISPERER by sending the movie legend a Christmas card.

The BLUE CRUSH star was a keen horse rider and when she heard Redford was casting a movie based on Nicholas Sparks' bestseller, she decided she had to spike his interest in her.

The actress recalls, "A bunch of us went and we were told to bring a picture. They meant a head shot, but I had no idea.

"I'm an only child, so our (family) Christmas card picture was always just me, which I hated, but that was the only one I had of me alone.

"I was in my britches and tall boots in the picture, so that probably helped because the movie was about horses."

Bosworth, then 14, appeared briefly in the film playing a friend of Scarlett Johansson's who was thrown from a bucking horse. She was credited as CATHERINE BOSWORTH.

The actress admits her ignorance about making movies didn't stop at the Christmas card.

She adds, "They asked me to stand on my mark, and I had to ask Scarlett, 'What's a mark?'"

15/12/2004 16:19