Kate Beckinsale and Matt Rife are said to be ''hanging out again''.

The 44-year-old actress was reportedly dating the 22-year-old aspiring actor earlier this year but their romance was said to have ''fizzled out'' over the summer, and despite hooking up again, Kate's family is thought to be her main priority.

A source said: ''Her family comes first, not him.''

The 'Pearl Harbour' actress - who has 18-year-old daughter Lily with former partner Michael Sheen - and the 'Total Request Life' co-host are said to be ''on and off''.

The insider added to Us Weekly magazine: ''[They] were supposed to be fun and light, but then he was talking about moving in only a couple weeks.

''When they're together, it's fine. But she's busy working and has a family. It's been on and off.''

In August, it was reported Kate and Matt's romance had ''fizzled'' out because she had ''a lot going on'' in her career.

A source said: ''They went on a couple of fun dates. It fizzled out weeks ago. She's happily single and has a lot going on.''

Another insider added: ''Kate is very busy with her daughter and her career.''

But it had been claimed beforehand that the pair were ''totally smitten'' with each other.

A source said: ''Kate and Matt are totally smitten with each other. They're happy that the news is out that they are together and they don't have to sneak around anymore.

''Kate and Matt are having fun. The age difference isn't really an issue. Matt is very mature for his age and wise beyond his years ... [he] has dated girls in the past but this seems the most serious.''

Kate dated Michael from 1995 to 2003 and then married Len Wiseman in 2004 but the pair divorced in 2016.