The Underworld actress dated the Masters of Sex star for eight years until 2003, and they have 17-year-old daughter Lily together. Both Kate and Lily find images of Michael naked onscreen hilarious, so they have got into the habit of sending each other the same still of him baring all in the bath to perk each other up when they're feeling down.

"My daughter and I are both from the school where we think a naked guy is very funny in the right circumstances, not as a sudden surprise jumping out at you in a dark alley, but you know, but it's a funny thing! It's funny!," she explains to U.S. host Conan O'Brien.

"There is a funny picture of him in a good show that he did, that really was brilliant, but they have a still of him getting out of the bath tub naked with a sort of military face and stance, which is just funny, so sometimes in a low moment, she'll text me that picture or I'll text it to her... if I sense that she's feeling low, I think, 'you know what, she could use Mike in the bath'. It works very well, most times."

Michael appeared on Conan's show the previous year (15) and revealed that Lily likes to Google "Michael Sheen naked" and Kate admits that he made it sound creepier than it is and she doesn't do it often.

The Welsh actor said Lily isn't happy with him being in Masters of Sex - a show all about sex - so she Googles his naked stills to "embarrass" him and as a way to "deal with" his sex scenes on the TV series.

Michael and Kate have remained close friends and he is now dating comedian Sarah Silverman. Kate has reportedly split from her director husband Len Wiseman.