When your job consists of you kissing Kate Beckinsale, then you could be forgiven for being called a crackpot for complaining about it. Yet that's just what her Total Recall co-star Colin Farrell has done, and apparently it's all Kate's husband's fault.
Speaking to film site flicksandbits.com, Farrell admitted the one of the hardest parts of filming the reboot of the 1990's sci-fi adventure were the scenes in which he had to get intimate with Brit Beckinsale, who is married to the film's director Len Wiseman.
Although he admitted thoroughly enjoying the fight scenes and other moments he shared on screen with Kate, Farrell said the "trickiest part was kissing her, with her handsome director husband by the monitor".
Somehow, I don't think you can expect too much sympathy from people Colin.
Total Recall, which hits cinemas on August 3rd in the US and August 29th in the UK, is a remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring 1990's martian blockbuster. It follows Farrell, a disgruntled factory worker who, despite being married to the aforementioned Beckinsale, who signs up to have his brain tampered with at by a company called Rekall. Before he knows it he's thrown into a world of corrupt police, resistance movements and finding out what is really reality.
The film also stars Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel and BILL NIGHY.