The two men in actress Kate Beckinsale's life get on so well, one helped shave the other's bushy beard off.
Beckinsale, who has a daughter by Welsh actor Michael Sheen - her ex-boyfriend, is married to Underworld director Len Wiseman - and the two guys are good friends.
The actress' 10 year old, Lily, gets to call both 'dad' and the extended family does everything together - even shaving.
Beckinsale explains, "Michael had a huge beard recently and I decided if would be fun if Lily got to shave it off. So we got Len's clippers and shaved Michael.
"I'm sure that's why Lily doesn't feel like she has split parents: your stepfather helping to shave your biological father isn't something that necessarily happens in every household."
And the relationship between Beckinsale's husband and ex extends beyond family gatherings - Wiseman has directed Sheen in all three Underworld movies, including the upcoming sequel Rise of The Lycans.