Hollywood beauty Kate Beckinsale is glad she split from her daughter's father Michael Sheen and married director Len Wiseman, because LILY is lucky enough to have two fathers. The Pearl Harbor star met Wiseman on the set of movie Underworld in 2003, and left long-term love Sheen for him. And Beckinsale insists that she, Wiseman and Sheen all get along so well that the situation is ideal - and Lily is lucky to have two fathers instead of just one. She says, "Lily's father and I separated when she was just three. We did not have an acrimonious split and are still very close, so she sees us around each other. "She feels very lucky to have two dads and feels a bit sorry for anybody who has only got one. That's something I have worked very hard on and so has Michael and so has Len. We want to make sure it's a really good relationship for all of us and for Lily."