Kate Beckinsale felt for Underworld: REVOLUTIONS co-star Scott Speedman when the couple shot a sex scene in front of the actress' director husband.

The sexy Brit was fine with her saucy scenes, but Speedman was a bag of nerves performing in front of American film-maker Len Wiseman..

She says, "I was fine because I knew there was nothing creepy going on with Scott and everything was normal (but) Scott was in hell... I thought it was a real hoot.

"He's the one with the movable parts - if it moves it's a bad thing, if it doesn't it's kind of insulting. He was just caught between a rock and a hard place... It's just awful.

"I think Scott just lashed the thing (penis) to his leg so tightly that tears were running down his face... He was so relieved when it was over."

Speedman admits, "It was just weird."