British beauty Kate Beckinsale's breasts were "always on the verge of leaping out" during the VAN HELSING shoot - thanks to her uplifting bra.

The Pearl Harbour actress - who is due to wed film director fiance Len WISEMAN this month (MAY04) - was unable to keep her ample chest covered during filming for the shoot, and leading man Hugh Jackman was often confronted with the sight of her naked breasts.

Beckinsale laughs, "You can see all of one of my boobs in one scene in the film. They told me they would make it look like it's just the top of it, but the whole thing is visible.

"The costume lifts from the bottom then it sort of pushes from the side as well, so they were always on the verge of leaping out."

Jackman adds, "Trust me, her breasts were falling out on a daily basis."

02/05/2004 13:59