Hollywood star Kate Beckinsale is open to the offer of filming lesbian scenes in her movies - and she'd even rip her friend's clothes off for $90 (GBP50).

The VAN HELSIING actress, 30, admits to finding her best female friend pal sexy, and can't understand why most men find kissing a member of the same sex so repulsive.

She says, "I'm not squeamish about kissing a woman. I do find that if you say to men, 'Could you snog your best mate for a bet?' they think it's disgusting. But I could.

"My best friend's very attractive. I wouldn't particularly want to rip her clothes off, but you know, I could for fifty pounds.'"

The fiancee of director Len Wiseman even reveals she once kissed a girl when she was at school.

She says, "I've never had a full-on dyke experience but I'm sure I snogged a girl at school or something."

05/05/2004 02:41