British beauty Kate Beckinsale is always amazed at reports hinting her split from longtime love Michael Sheen was bitter - because they remain good pals.

The sexy Pearl Harbor actress left Sheen - the father of her daughter LILY - after falling in love with director Len Wiseman on the set of her upcoming movie Underworld, which also features her former beau.

But Kate, who admits she found the split very tough, is pleased the pair have remained on good terms for the sake of their four-year old child.

She explains, "It was tricky. I was with Michael and Len was married, so other people were involved. It's been a painful time for everyone. But to our credit, Michael and I do have a very good relationship. He's living out here in LA too. We talk on the phone all the time.

"Lily has parents that love each other and her. I'm proud of us for that. I know everyone thinks, 'Oh Hollywood people jumping in and out of bed with each other.' But I was with Michael for eight years."

11/09/2003 17:20