Sexy actress Kate Beckinsale's daughter LILY is so used to mingling with her mother's co-stars on horror film sets, she's no longer afraid of monsters.

British Beckinsale - fresh from her role as a werewolf killer in UNDERWORLD - is currently shooting chiller Van Helsing, and she's convinced her child's fears have been alleviated by her constant presence on the creepy sets.

She says, "My kid is four now and this is the second film in a row in which she has sat down to lunch with three or four werewolves every day, so not only is she unafraid of them, she likes them.

"That's the only reason I won't let her watch the movies because if she saw me killing them she'd be screaming, 'DAVE' or 'PETE' in despair, as she makes friends with the men inside the suits.

"She'd think I regularly murdered our lunch companions in my spare time."

20/01/2004 13:48