Kate Beckinsale's daughter LILY almost missed out on a pivotal role in her mum's new movie - because the actress didn't want the nine year old to go through the harsh audition process. Director Kirk Jones asked the Underworld star if Lily would be interested in playing her mum's character as a girl in new movie Everybody's Fine - but Beckinsale insisted her daughter wasn't ready for Hollywood.
She explains, "I said, 'No, because she'll be coming with me to the set and if she doesn't get the part she'll have to turn up on the set every day and see somebody else.'"
But Lily insisted on auditioning - and she landed the role. And Beckinsale was really proud of how the youngster handled herself in scenes opposite acting legend Robert De Niro.
She tells Hollywood Life magazine, "I would have been so intimidated, but she said, 'Well, it wasn't somebody really famous, like George Clooney.'"