Kate Beckinsale has branded many of her former co-stars "repellent" and can't understand how she achieved on-screen chemistry with them.

Although the British actress, 32, enjoyed working with LEONARDO DiCAPRIO in her latest movie The Aviator, she believes off-screen friendships can hinder the way actors interact on-screen.

Her previous co-stars have included Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing, JOHN CUSACK in SERENDIPITY and Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor.

She says, "I think chemistry comes down to what other people are telling you. I've had some great chemistry with people I have found completely repellent, and the ones you get on well with often don't quite work on-screen.

"I think that's why actors and actresses are kind of boring when they are married to each other. Sometimes it can actually get in the way. If you hear people have a crush on each other, they get so consumed in that and it doesn't really translate.

"I'm told that John Cusack and I did, and that was actually really fun.

"But I really enjoyed working with Leo. I think he is one of the most talented people that I've worked with, ever, hands down."

25/11/2004 09:37