Kate Beckinsale is returning to live in her native England with her director husband Len Wiseman, because she wants her daughter to have a British upbringing.

The 32-year-old Pearl Harbor actress has already enrolled LILY, her six-year-old daughter from relationship with Michael Sheen, into a school and bought a house in London's celebrity-filled Notting Hill area.

And she hopes to put her acting skills to good use on London's West End stages, in a bid to boost her acting career.

She says, "I've just bought a house in Notting Hill. It'll be very nice to come back and maybe do a play.

"I feel like I've been down a sort of rabbit hole for a while, mainly motherhood and I'm not popping out of it. After all I'm not doing a very good job (at conquering Hollywood).

"It's important that she grows up in my culture. I don't want her constantly taken out of school, sitting in a trailer and becoming a Hollywood child."