Kate Beckinsale regrets being candid about her teenage eating disorder troubles because now she's always asked about anorexia in interviews. The actress admits she hasn't even told her own daughter about her teenage troubles and feels "violated" every time her past health problems come up in interviews. She tells Glamour magazine, "The only reason I ever brought it up in the first place is because I was young, I read a lot of misinformation about eating disorders. "But, because I picked the wrong magazine to tell my story to, I wished I'd never said anything. It was totally sensationalised and that's been a real drag. I felt terribly violated." Beckinsale feels confident her own daughter won't become an anorexia victim - because her home life is a lot happier than her mother's was in the years following the untimely death of her father, actor RICHARD BECKINSALE. The Pearl Harbor star explains, "I believe anorexia, alcoholism and drug abuse in teens are more about what is happening in the home than a problem with images in the media. It's the nice girl's way of becoming a crack whore. "It means they're in some kind of pain that needs to be addressed."