Actress Kate Beckinsale is shocked at how happy she is in Los Angeles - and blames it on the weather.

The Underworld beauty had a very negative attitude to Hollywood before she moved there, but now that she's engaged to director Len Wiseman and happily settled with daughter LILY, Kate admits the sunshine is growing on her.

She laughs, "I was driving around with my mother yesterday and asked her, 'Can you believe I moved to LA?' I didn't want to got to LA, even for a week! I never wanted to leave England.

"Then when I came here for Pearl Harbor, I had a child, there was sunshine, and I found it so much easier.

"In England, because it's cold, she needed a coat and hat every time we went out, and it was a fight every time. Now that I'm not in England I find it much harder to tolerate that kind of weather. It's depressing when it's raining all the time.

"So I stayed, and now I'm marrying an American. It's a good place to be."

26/09/2003 19:11