British movie star Kate Beckinsale learned it's good to be little on the set of quirky new film TIPTOES, when she spent a dance scene having her bottom spanked.

The PEARL HARBOR star teams up with Matthew Mcconaughey in the odd new comedy as the fiancee of a man whose entire family is made up of little people.

And she says that after working with Hollywood's top little people, she sees them all in a very different light.

She says, "Tiptoes is very much a story about little people, but it's not little people playing freaky little people.

"I had a disco scene where is was me on a dance floor and probably 50 little people, and I cannot tell you how many times my a** got slapped.

"They were like, 'See, this is why it's so great to be little, because we're a** high.'"

13/05/2004 13:06