Kate Beckinsale is looking forward to spending more time in her native England with husband Len Wiseman, because she wants the US film-maker to understand the culture she grew up in.

Beckinsale, who is directed by Wiseman in Underworld and its new sequel, has recently purchased a house in London and hopes her spouse will soon identify with her family's British quirks.

She says, "He's very American and the first few times I brought him to England to see my parents I thought he was awfully quiet and very thoughtful.

"Then I realised he just didn't understand a word anybody was saying. Back here (in the UK) I get a strong English accent and talk very quickly with in-jokes about TV programmes and things - he's just clueless.

"So we have bought him a T-shirt that said, 'I Have Absolutely No Idea What You're Talking About' and he wore it all the time. We also made him go to a pantomime which confused him totally, and then bought him a book of Cockney (east London accent) rhyming slang - so I think he's happy to be back home in California."