Hollywood beauty Kate Beckinsale boasts she has better parenting skills than her own mother, who didn't know how to deal with the Van Helsing beauty's childhood troubles.

The actress is relieved her five-year-old daughter LILY is not afflicted with the fears and problems that plagued her own childhood, and she credits her open-minded, supportive upbringing with the five-year-old's "joyful" temperament.

She explains, "At Lily's age, I was more nervous than she is, sort of scared. Lily is immensely bright and funny, she's joyful all the time. We've had very different upbringings.

"She's had me about almost constantly, and she gets on really well with her dad and stepdad. I'm happy that everything has gone so well for her, but it was quite a different story for me.

"Lily has such a good understanding of things and I think that now, as opposed to the late 1970s people know how to help and support children through hard times a bit better. I don't think my mum really knew how to deal with the situation."

08/12/2004 21:21