Colleen Burns, 35, lost her balance while hiking at the national park, and now the hitmaker, real name Ryan Gary Raddon, has paid tribute to her on Instagram.

Under a photo of himself posing with the tragic fan, he writes: "Colleen showed up in my life before the tidal wave of support had hit. And she always rose to the top of that wave.

"She had such an unmatched enthusiasm for life; the fire in her eyes and that crazy infectious smile. Colleen was destined to be a star among us."

Colleen went on to run the DJ's social media presence, but he insists she never wanted to be anything but a fan.

"She never wanted to be looked up to - it was genuine kindness, and absolute nurturing of a community she grew, from a soul that only knew love," he adds. "I feel taken apart by the news of Colleen's passing. I'm feeling what I'm guessing you are: numb and then such sadness. This changes the landscape of our community, but I am 100% certain that we will meet again. Until then, we preserve our favorite memories with Colleen - and remember the legacy she created - based on love and joy. We will get back there, together."

According to reports, Burns fell 400 feet at the popular Ooh Aah Point after losing her footing while taking photos of the sunrise.