Kasabian rocker Serge Pizzorno fears rioting will break out in his hometown when the British rockers perform a hotly-anticipated 10th anniversary show in the city next month (Jun14).

The Fire hitmakers will celebrate their 10 years in music with the special gig at Victoria Park in Leicester, England on 21 June (14).

The concert will mark a decade since the band released its self-titled debut album in 2004, and guitarist Pizzorno fears fans will be whipped into such a frenzy by the occasion that they will need to let off steam afterwards with a destructive rampage.

He tells rock magazine Q, "God bless the council. I don't think they realise the city centre's gonna be a war zone. Cos we're gonna just rally this crowd into such a frenzy and then go, 'Right, that was it.' And everyone's gonna go, 'What next? Riot!' I hope it's a love-in. That's what I'm praying for."