British rockers Kasabian's frontman Tom Meighan has lashed out at reports he suffers from an eating disorder - insisting his fussy mealtime habits stem from a childhood operation.
Rumours have recently swirled suggesting the singer's slender frame and refusal to eat large lunches were down to bulimia - an obsession with vomiting after meals to stay thin.
But the star has shrugged off the reports, insisting throat surgery as a child left him capable of eating only small snacks.
He tells Scotland's Daily Record newspaper, "I don't have an eating disorder but I am a terrible eater. I can only eat snack meals because I was born with a really small gullet. I had an operation to open it up and it affected my eating for the rest of my life.
"I've had a shrunken stomach since I was a kid so I can only eat snack-sized portions. I can't have big dinners. It has been that way since primary school. The rumours are nonsense. I am not bulimic. I just have small portions of food."