Kasabian want to play a gig on Mount Everest.

The Leicester band, who are performing a huge homecoming concert tomorrow (21.06.14) before headlining Glastonbury next week, want to reach even greater heights by being the first act to perform on the mountain.

Singer Tom Meighan told the Daily Star newspaper: ''We can only top headlining Glastonbury by being the absolute top of the pops and aiming big.

''We should do a gig up Mount Everest, that'd be immense. We'd love to headline Wembley Stadium too.

''We could sell Wembley out. It'd be fantastic to have a massive a show as we could in the capital.''

The 'Eez-eh' band, also made up of guitarist Serge Pizzorno, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews, have just hit the number one spot with their new album '48:13' and they admit they've argued recently over the World Cup, with Serge supporting Italy and Tom rooting for England.

They now watch matches apart after Italy beat England 2-1 last Saturday (14.06.14).

Tom said: ''We watched it in a hotel in Poland before a gig and Serge had to change rooms.

''Serge was meant to be in the room next to mine, but he went: 'No chance!' and moved to a different floor.

''He knew I'd have been knocking on his door the whole match, winding him up.''

Meanwhile, the band insist they have no plans to record a soccer song because they don't think any band could record a better song than 'The Lightening Seeds' anthem, which was released in 1996.

Tom said: ''You can't beat Three Lions, so why try? That was a one-off moment when Britpop was buzzing and Euro '96 was held in England.''

The band will perform tomorrow at Victoria Park in Leicester with a DJ support set from Rudimental, before headlining Glastonbury along with Arcade Fire and Metallica.