Kasabian are ''stepping things up'' after being inspired by Kanye West.

The band - who are set to release their new album '48:13' on June 9 - were encouraged to experiment more with sound after listening to the 'Bound 2' rapper's music.

Singer Tom Meighan told NME: ''I suppose you go out there to make ear-bleeding music, but done in a good way, not done like some sh**y metal rock bands from America, we do it in our way, like a Kanye West way, really f**k it up, fusion it.''

The band - also featuring guitarist Serge Pizzorno, who wrote and produced the album, Christopher Karloff and Chris Edwards - had the confidence to be more ''direct'' with their new record.

Tom continued: ''The new album, we just feel excited, it's like anything that's new, you build it up and work on it for so long, Serge has in the summer and we went and recorded it in Richmond just before Christmas and we're massively excited.

''We took some time out, it's our fifth baby, we're more excited because we've stepped up a bit, stepped a lot up, actually.''

Meanwhile, the band will make their debut appearance at the top of the Pyramid stage bill at Glastonbury Festival on Saturday, June 29.