Kasabian have teased their new single 'You're In Love With A Psycho' from their forthcoming album.

The rock band - comprised of Tom Meighan, Serge Pizzorno, Chris Edwards, and Ian Matthews - have been giving fans brief updates on their hotly-anticipated follow-up to 2014's '48:13' over the last 12 months, and now guitarist Serge has revealed the lead track was written in 15 minutes and is a ''weird anthem'' for everyone who has either been in love with a psycho or is one.

In an audio clip shared on the 'Club Foot' group's Instagram, Serge explained: ''You're In Love With A Psycho is one of the first tunes I wrote on the album, for the album. It took about 15 minutes. It just flowed. I didn't really think and all the lyrics came.

''It's a weird anthem for everyone. You've either been in love with one or you are one. It sort of celebrates that. You know it's not sort of ... dark.''

It's not the first song Kasabian have shared with their fans on social media as they shared another one seemingly called 'Pressie' on Christmas Day (25.12.16).

Posting a link to their SoundCloud.com account on Twitter, the 'Fire' hitmakers wrote: #merrychristmas from Kasabian ... here's your #Pressie: (sic)''

Although the link took fans to an audio clip entitled 'Pressie', it is unknown as of yet whether that is the actual track name, or if it just represented the shortened word for present.

The 'Fire' hitmakers revealed in May 2015 that they had almost completed work on the LP, but after the record never materialised, Serge admitted he made a lot of changes following a relaxing summer break that left him feeling rejuvenated.

At the time, he said: ''In May the record was done but I'd never had any time off, so I thought, 'You know what? I'm going to have the summer off for the first time in my life.'

''It was incredible. I got married, went on holiday for ages and just lived a bit. When I came back in September, I decided to graffiti over everything.

''I'd done everything on an acoustic for the first time and had these beautiful crafted tunes but started graffiting over the lot, just taking it to another level.

''I wrote another tune which is incredible and then two weeks ago I wrote one of the best tunes I've ever written.''