Kasabian's Tom Meighan has slammed the possible tour of a Michael Jackson hologram, after the pop icon was 'resurrected' at this year's Billboard Music Awards.

The frontman is less than impressed by plans for the holographic image to visit arenas for Michael's fans to watch it perform a full show of hits.

Tom told The Daily Star newspaper: ''I blame money. Holograms are not real. You've gotta be mental mate, it's ridiculous.''

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno was also disgusted by the plans, despite Michael's family being overwhelmed by the hologram show, and claims tour promoters are going too far.

He said: ''It's disgusting, they should leave the guy alone man, it's awful, it's done, let it be.

''They could bring John Lennon back next week. He's dead. Let's bring Elvis back, let's put Elvis on tour around arenas.''

Despite their opinions on the Prince of Pop's hologram, the band - also made up of Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews - claim they are fans of the 'Thriller' hitmaker and were inspired by his moves.

Tom said: ''I've been studying his stage act since I was three years old, and what we want is to give off that same power.

''But no-one can be Michael Jackson, he's too incredible.''

Meanwhile, the band are also concerned about the state of the indie music scene in Britain and claim there a lot of ''liars'' and ''fake bands and fake people.''

Serge explained: ''Rock music is about the realness, that's what sets it apart and that's what's disappeared.''

Tom added: ''The fact for me is that there are no big songs anymore. We unite people and give them what they really want and they're out friends and they get to escape.

''That's rock 'n' roll music and people believe it and that's great.''

Kasabian's new single Eez-eh is released next week, taken from their next album '48: 13'.