Kasabian will be releasing a surprise EP this summer of new songs written and produced by guitarist and singer Serge Pizzorno.

The Leicester band, who have performed at a host of major festivals this year, will release the limited ten-inch vinyl on September 3rd.

It will include the track Fast Fuse and a number of other songs the band have worked on since having time out of the studio.

Pizzorno told the NME: "This was done in my house in a little room downstairs, just in front of a computer, I produced it myself."

The band said they wanted to release new music for fans who may think the group have disappeared into "arenas", Pizzorno said.

"This marks this summer and what we're doing at the moment. There was no point in saving it … because we've got equally good songs for the album," the guitarist added.

Kasbian released their second album, Empire, last summer to widespread critical acclaim and commercial success.

Empire was the follow-up to their self-titled debut which included the hit singles LSF, Club Foot and Processed Beats.

They have since played a second-billed show at Glastonbury Festival as well as touring with Oasis and winning a clutch of awards.

18/07/2007 12:58:17