Rockers Kasabian have slammed the contemporary British music scene for being depressing and miserable. The REASON FOR TREASON stars took out their wrath on a handful of bands, including the "whingeing" Bloc Party. Guitarist SERGE PIZZOMO says, "That's their thing, concentrating on what's s**t about life. "In 20 years' time nobody will give a f**k about those bands. What's the point of whingeing? That's not what a band's about. A band should be more about having a good time. With your mates." Kasabian also label newcomers The Automatic "horrible", while Test Icicles were blasted for citing tour exhaustion as the reason behind their split. Singer TOM MEIGHAN says, "What a bunch of w**kers! Give it up, mate. Kings Cross rent boys, we call 'em - all those bands." Even hellraiser Pete Doherty doesn't escape unscathed, being described as "a f**king tramp".