Kasabian have helped two ardent fans to get engaged.

The British rock group - which features Sergio Pizzorno, Chris Karloff and Chris Edwards - are set to play a series of big shows in the coming weeks, but Samantha Sugden was left heartbroken when she failed to get her hands on a ticket after hours of queuing at the box office.

Samantha's disappointment was exacerbated by the fact that her boyfriend, Gavin Baron, had promised to propose on the ticket that she secured a pair of tickets.

But fortunately for the loved-up couple, Kasabian decided to come to the rescue because it was ''the right thing to do''.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, her husband-to-be explained: ''I can't believe it. I thought it was wind-up to begin with. I love everything about Kasabian and I cannot wait for it now. It was only meant to be a bit of a joke at first but I'm going to propose, yes.''

Despite this, Gavin has promised to approach his wedding day in a serous manner, saying Samantha ''deserves'' to have a day she won't forget.

He explained: ''I want to do it properly though and spend a bit of time saving for a nice ring. She deserves it.''

Meanwhile, Kasabian recently admitted that they wouldn't have pursued their musical ambitions if it wasn't for Liam Gallagher.

The group, who won the Best Live Artist gong at the 2018 VO5 NME Awards in February, admitted that the former Oasis singer had been a huge influence on their success, with frontman Tom Meighan describing Liam as ''amazing''.

Serge said: ''There wouldn't be us if it wasn't for him. You need a two hour therapy session for how important that man was in my life.''