British rockers Kasabian's bid to break the American market has been boosted by car manufacturer PONTIAC's decision to use one of their songs in a nationwide TV commercial.

Kasabian's track CLUB FOOT was chosen because of its adrenaline-fuelled sound which advertising executives hope will entice viewers into considering a flashy new car - and the timing ties in perfectly with the band's introduction to American audiences.

They have just completed a tour of small American venues, and intent to return next month (MAY05) to play two shows at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City.

SONY BMG vice president KAREN LAMBERTON says of Kasabian's critically acclaimed eponymously-titled debut disc, "It's a great album for licences.

"It's got a lot of syncopated rhythms, which make it easier to edit and it's edgy."

Sony BMG has a history of breaking new music with TV licences - the record corporation's signing have already featured in hit TV shows including The OC, CSI and SMALLVILLE.

15/04/2005 19:49