Kasabian think bands care too much about what people think and are ''scared'' to themselves out there.

The band - made up of frontman Tom Meighan, guitarist Serge Pizzorno, bassist Chris Edwards and drummer Ian Matthews - feel other bands are too worried about their reputations and upsetting people.

Serge told Short List magazine: ''Bands are so frightened about the comments they receive on YouTube, they're scared of putting themselves out there.

''And that's a dangerous thing, because you get people that are self-aware with every move they're making. They give a f*ck too much.''

The musician claims it's people like American artist Hunter S. Thompson and actor Jack Nicholson who are the more powerful because they don't care what people think.

He explained: ''They're your boys! The ones that do sh*t and you go 'Ooh mate, what's that?' and they go, 'I don't give a f*ck'. It's that that's so dangerous and exciting.''

Meanwhile, the band are set to play a huge homecoming gig in Leicester this summer after the release of their fifth album '48:13' and have been trying to secure the concert for years.

Tom said: ''We wanted to do it at the football club, but there were too many restrictions.

''At the council we banged the door and banged it and banged it.''

Serge added: ''This time they were like, 'okay, this could be a good idea', and we done 50,000 tickets in two days. To do it in Leicester is the most unfashionable thing, but so us. We are Leicester.''