Kasabian have previewed their new album with a clip of them recording a song.

The 34-second video, entitled 'Studio Sneak', was posted on YouTube yesterday (22.01.14) and has already been viewed by thousands of fans.

It shows guitarist and singer Serge Pizzorno shouting into the microphone while recording vocals for the unnamed track, which will feature on their album due out this year.

Serge sings the lyrics: ''Oh you pretty things, get on board this mothership, oh you've got to be, ready for action baby''.

Kasabian recently said their forthcoming new album, the follow-up to 2011's 'Velociraptor!', is a ''real 'f*ck you''' to critics.

Frontman Tom Meighan said: ''The album is a real 'f*ck you' to anyone who ever dares criticise or snarl at us, and say we can't do music like this. It's a real f*cking 'up yours'. There are a lot of bands who try and do this kind of music but fail because they've got no songs.''

It was recently confirmed that the band, also featuring bassist Chris Edwards, guitarist Tim Carter and drummer Ian Matthews, have recorded the track 'Ezz-Ehh', which refers to last year's horsemeat scandal and features the lyrics: ''Horsemeat in the burgers, people commit murders, everyone's on bugle, we're being watched by Google''.

Meanwhile, Serge's three-year-old son Ennio - his child with partner Amy - has named a track 'Bumblebee' on the band's eagerly anticipated fifth LP.

Serge said: ''There's this buzzing sound on it and he was asking me about it all day long, 'Put busy bee on, put busy bee on'. I thought, 'I'll have that'. I changed it a bit; Busy Bee's not quite as cool as 'Bumblebee'.''