Review of Cut Off Single by Kasabian


Kasabian - Cut Off - Single Review


Cut Off

( 03/01/2004)

Leicestershire’s psychedelic garage indie farmyard droaners, fire into your mind burning your organized pragmatism with their zapping and cutting raw sounds. ’Cut Off’ rapidly became a live favourite with devotees at their enthralling gigs, so was a natural choice to be plucked from their self-titled debut album to maul with the minds of the music loving masses. A slow charming instrumental intro paves the way for a mind boggling tale of narcotics and society’s underbelly;

Kasabian - Cut Off - Single Review

Not that the band need, or even want it, and as a reviewer, and fan, it is not such a hard job to use m

“John was a scientist hooked on LSD; interested in mind control

and how the monkey held the key”.

The video for this offering was shot in New York City where they seem to be more popular than politics at the moment having recently sold out the prestigious Bowery Ballroom. Kasabian, with this track, demonstrate their universal appeal, as they creep slightly closer to the pop genre with the inclusion of some crisp and caressing female backing vocals to cushion Tom Meighan’s powerful yet laid back singing style.

David Adair