Karlie Kloss ''spoils'' herself by sleeping in.

The 22-year-supermodel has revealed her ''favourite indulgence'' is to take a day off from her hectic schedule and lounge around in bed.

She said: ''[Sleep is] my favourite indulgence. I like to spoil myself by taking a day off and sleep in, it's the best and most generous thing you can do for yourself. Sleep is such a big part of one's beauty.''

Karlie also swears by abiding to a strict balanced diet to help her look her best.

She added: ''When you eat healthy, balanced food, it comes through in your skin and your nails.''

Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival, the blonde beauty also confessed she feels a lot of pressure to look ''like the most confident, beautiful version'' of herself on the red carpet and often finds A-list events ''overwhelming''.

She told WWD: ''As a model when you walk on that red carpet and everybody is shouting your name it's incredibly overwhelming, you want to know that when you step out there you feel like the most confident, beautiful version of yourself possible. I'm human, I definitely don't feel like that every day.''

And she is more than happy to keep her look ''simple'' on her days off.

She said: ''Even if I'm just running out the door to grab a coffee, I always love to have a little bit of coverage, and L'Oreal's [CC cream] has lot of SPF and is also moisturising. It's easy and quick and I like to be fast out the door. I spend lots of time in the makeup chair, so when I have a day off I like to keep it simple.''