Karlie Kloss used to walk like a ''duck''.

The 20-year-old model says her first appearance in a fashion show got axed because of the way she carried herself on the runway but says her early setback is now behind her.

She said: ''I was cancelled for my first show in my first season because I walked like a duck with my feet turned out. I was devastated, of course.

''But I feel like I have lived many more lifetimes than my short career, so, yes, I don't feel like a normal 20 year old. It's been an incredible journey.''

Karlie also says she believes her ballet training in early life has helped her in her career because she doesn't find walking in heels difficult.

She told Style magazine: ''I've been able to jump around in 6in heels because I'm so used to jumping around in pointe shoes. High heels are relatively easy compared to that.''