Karlie Kloss takes secret snacks on the red carpet.

The 22-year-old supermodel has confessed to having an unlikely handbag staple for high profile events and prefers to pack food in her tiny clutch instead of her favourite beauty products.

Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival, she told PEOPLE: ''I always travel light on the red carpet. I have a little clutch and I always squeeze in a snack of some kind. At the Cannes Film Festival there's no popcorn so you have to bring a snack. You have to think ahead.''

The blonde beauty also confessed she has learned from her fashion ''mistakes'' and now keeps her look as ''simple'' as possible to ensure she looks her best on the red carpet.

She said: ''This week is full of glamorous events. A lot of red carpet moments, a lot of fancy galas and parties. I've made mistakes through the years and learned what works and doesn't work for hair and for makeup. Keeping it simple is really what I've learnt works best.

''I think the biggest thing is sort of just doing whatever you can before hand to get out there and feel confident and own it.''