Karlie Kloss can get ready in less than 15 minutes.

The former Victoria's Secret Angel has perfected her early morning routine as she ''really loves sleep'' and only takes seven minutes to do her make up and a further seven minutes to chose an outfit.

She said: ''Hmm, I reckon seven minutes on beauty. And then maybe another seven on choosing my outfit. I really love sleep, so I tend to do whatever I can to get a lie-in.

''I like to keep it simple with just the right amount of 'un-make up make up' - some cover up, a flick of mascara and a bit of cream blush and I'm usually out of the door.''

And the 23-year-old model also revealed she shares beauty and exercise tips with her close pal Taylor Swift.

She added: ''Taylor can do a killer red pout. I love her signature beauty look: the classic lip and winged liner. She's really good at doing her own make-up, so I've definitely picked up some good tips and products from her.

''I've probably helped her more with different ways to work out, like Pilates or strength training. We're both very healthy and active, so we like to train together.''

Karlie has a really active lifestyle and tries to work out in some way at least once a day, whether it's heading to the gym or going for a run outside.

She told InStyle.co.uk: ''I try to break a sweat every day. The best gift I can give myself is actually making it to the gym for an hour, or throwing on my trainers and just going for a run outside.

''I get to visit all these amazing places for work, so I always pack them and hit the streets when I can.''