Karlie Kloss says she did not take the decision to convert to Judaism ''lightly''.

The 26-year-old model changed her faith in 2018 after tying the knot with 34-year-old venture capitalist Josh Kushner and has insisted that although some may see her decision as ''weak'' she feels as though she's had to become ''stronger and self-loving and resilient'' in order to commit to the choice.

In an interview with Vogue magazine, she said: ''Changing part of who you are for someone else can be seen as weak.

''But you know what? Actually, if you've been through what I've experienced, it requires you to be anything but weak.

''It requires me to be stronger and self-loving and resilient. I really did not take this lightly.''

The former Victoria's Secret star went on to explain that she still feels like a ''independent, strong woman'' and says it took years of research and consideration before she made the choice.

She said: ''It wasn't enough to just love Josh and make this decision for him. This is my life and I am an independent, strong woman.

''It was only after many years of studying and talking with my family and friends and soul searching that I made the decision to fully embrace Judaism in my life and start planning for a future with the man I chose to marry.''

Reflecting on Shabbat - a day of rest from sunset each Friday until nightfall on Saturday which requires disconnecting from the digital world entirely - the 'Project Runway' host says she's been able to ''reconnect with the actual world''.

She said: ''I think we all have a tendency to just keep going. Some people find grounding through meditation. Some find it through exercise.

''And to each their own, but for me, Shabbat has brought so much meaning into my life. It helps me reconnect to the actual world.''