Karl Urban hit the gym daily to bulk up for his role as larger-than-life anti-hero Judge Dredd - only to cover up in a bulky costume for the movie's entire shoot.
The actor was in the shape of his life after training for three months to take on the lead role in upcoming blockbuster Dredd 3D, the latest Hollywood adaptation of the comic book story.
However, Urban admits he was disappointed not to show off his muscles after filming scenes in the law enforcer's bodysuit.
He tells Britain's Men's Health magazine, "That's the craziest thing. I wear the suit for basically the whole film so you don't get to f**king see it (my body)! But it was important for me to be in shape, firstly because it was very taxing making such a physically full-on film and also so that I would really feel like the character. I wanted to be muscular in a svelte, functional way...
"It was gruelling. I had 12 weeks of insane physical exercise to reach the condition that I wanted to be in. That was cardio, lifting weights in the gym daily and eating six or seven times a day."
Sylvester Stallone previously took on the action role in 1995 movie Judge Dredd.