Movie veteran Karl Malden knew his friend Marlon Brando was destined for greatness after he stood in awe and watched him steal the show on Broadway, New York.

Malden, who starred in three films opposite the late icon and appeared in the great's directorial debut ONE EYED JACKS, teamed up with Brando at the beginning of his career in his first play TRUCKLINE CAFE.

The play only lasted eight days, and Malden thinks people only went to see it for Brando.

He says, "He was in the third act and in the third act he came in as a second world war hero and he was talking to his wife in this Truckline Cafe and he said, 'Let's go walk on the pier.'

"They went out and walked on the pier and he came back in about 15 minutes, soaking wet, and he had a scene at this table that lasted about five minutes and when it was over and he stood up to make an exit the play couldn't go on for about a minute and a half.

"Other people had to just sit there and wait until they stopped. They were screaming, shouting, stamping of the feet. I've never seen it before and from that time I went, 'This boy should be looked at. I've gotta see if it's for real.'"

05/07/2004 09:02